Asset Based Lending

When your bank tells you that your company’s loan needs no longer fits within their regulatory guidelines, turn to Templar:

  • You can access alternative solutions through a trusted business partner
  • You can convert your working capital into cash quickly and efficiently
  • You can get back to the business of building and managing your company

We lend you money against the eligible borrowing base in your Accounts Receivables, Inventory, Machinery and Equipment.

Our borrowers

Our borrowers use the cash borrowed through our lines of credit in several ways:
  • Replacing a bank line
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Turnarounds
  • Restructuring
  • Expanding sales
  • Making an acquisition

Asset Based Lending is a fast and cost effective way to obtain working capital and it offers more flexibility than all other methods of financing.

Templar Business Credit

Templar Business Credit is run by successful, seasoned business owners who, like you, have been in the trenches. We are “outside the box” entrepreneurs. We have deep knowledge of our craft, with an intensity of intelligence and creativity, and we offer unrelenting enthusiasm for your company’s success.

Templar is a direct lender, we are not a factoring company, nor are we an intermediary. We fund companies from our own resources.