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Vintners Capital is a specialty lender providing credit lines to the wine industry. It is a division of Templar Business Credit, LLC, a California based asset-based lender.

Although there are several banks in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties that have provided loans to wine producers, there are many folks who do not qualify for credit under the new stringent banking regulations.

Lack of net worth, cash flow and profits together with historical inconsistencies are primary reasons why your bank cannot help you.

Vintners Capital is not a bank.  With our help you can turn your assets into cash and provide your business with the liquidity you need to grow.

Accounts Receivable Financing
A working capital line of credit secured by accounts receivable helps our clients improve cash flow and can be used to cover working capital shortfalls. Typically, these lines are established with up to an 80% advance rate on eligible accounts receivable balances.

Inventory Financing
We provide our clients an additional source of capital by providing inventory advances that can be offered to supplement an accounts receivable line of credit. Advance rates on inventory range from 20-50% of inventory balances.

Club Subscription Advances
We may advance cash against the future credit card receipts generated by your wine club subscriptions providing additional liquidity during seasonal fluctuations

Vintners Capital is owned and run by successful, seasoned business owners who are entrepreneurs and have been in the trenches, like you.  We think “outside the box” and are not constrained by regulatory guidelines.  We have deep knowledge of our craft, you’ll fine an intensity of intelligence and creativity among our principals, and we bring unrelenting enthusiasm for your company’s success.

Vintners Capital is a direct lender, we are not a factoring company, nor are we an intermediary. We fund companies from our own resources.

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