Our Process

The first step in securing asset-based lending from Templar Business Credit is to submit an application. You may fill out this downloadable application or give us a call and we will do it together.

Templar will review your company’s application, including your financial performance and asset base. We pay particular attention to cash flow, receivables, inventory quality and internal controls. Asset-based lending is more flexible than conventional bank financing; however in order to qualify, you will need to have good receivables, and robust internal controls and procedures.

Meeting & Proposal
If we think that we can lend you money, we will schedule an initial meeting. Building a relationship with our borrowers is of prime importance to us. We need to feel we can trust each other to perform.

We will send you a proposal based upon our understanding of your needs and our evaluation of your collateral. If you do not qualify for asset-based lending, factoring is often a viable alternative.

Asset-Based Audit
If you accept our proposal, we will schedule an asset-based audit to get deeper insight into your assets, your financial controls and operating history.

Often we will request a valuation be performed by one of our accredited Appraisers in order to understand the cash value of your production equipment.

The outcome of the audit and these other due diligence activities will determine if and when we will schedule a closing.

Accounts receivable financing forms the basis of most of our asset-based lending deals. We will lend on inventory and equipment but not without the A/R. Each day, as you create invoices, you will send copies to Templar. We post these invoices and give you access to cash on demand.

As your customers make payments, we post them against open accounts. Generally, your net eligible accounts receivable balance, multiplied by your advance rate, and less your outstanding funds employed, determines your funds availability.

Access available funds by calling your account manager or by making a request for funds on our interactive client website.