Borrowers Products

templarSlider1Our Typical Borrowers Need Working Capital and A Bank or Current Lender said NO

The Companies We Finance:

  • Service providers, manufacturers or wholesale distributors
  • Located anywhere in the Western USA
  • Are looking for from $500,000 to $5 million in financing
  • Have commercial accounts receivable
  • Often have inventory and machinery and equipment
  • Are struggling to find working capital to grow their business
  • Clients that need PO financing
  • May have a weak balance sheet or no history of profitability
  • Needs DIP Financing or Post Petition Bankruptcy Financing
  • May be in need of a Bank “exit” strategy
  • Need strategic acquisition financing
  • We usually have no financial covenants in our loan agreement
  • Needs to refinance or act quickly
  • Wants a lender that can help you accomplish your goals

Our Products
As an Asset Based Lender all our line of credit products must be secured by real collateral. Our loans are normally based upon three types of security:

Accounts Receivable Financing
A working capital line of credit secured by accounts receivable helps our clients improve cash flow and can be used to cover working capital shortfalls. Typically, these lines are established with up to a 90% advance rate on eligible accounts receivable balances.

Inventory Financing
We provide our clients an additional source of capital by providing inventory advances that can be offered to supplement an accounts receivable line of credit. Advance rates on inventory range from 20-50% of inventory balances.

Equipment Financing
We provide equipment financing to supplement an accounts receivable line of credit. Proceeds from this type of financing are typically used to fund new equipment purchases, refinance existing equipment loans, improve cash flow and provide additional access to working capital. Advance rates on equipment vary, and formal equipment appraisals are generally required.