Professional Introductions

templarSlider3Most of our new borrowers are referred by professional advisors – bankers, accountants, attorneys, brokers and other professional intermediaries.  Typically, an advisor’s client or customer doesn’t meet conventional bank lending guidelines, and doesn’t know where to turn.

Templar can provide your client with working capital through an asset-based line of credit.  We can help them to grow, complete a turnaround, take advantage of new opportunities or survive fluctuations in their cash flow.  When cash is constrained, we can often find a way to create liquidity.

As a Banker, When You Refer Clients to Templar, You:
Offer a consistent source of alternative financing solutions through a trusted partner when clients no longer fall within conventional bank lending guidelines

Retain and add value to your client relationship

Protect the deposit relationship with your client who might otherwise move their business in its entirety to another bank

Generate additional income through treasury management, merchant card services and more

As a Broker or Referral Source, When You Refer Clients to Templar, You:
Offer an alternative financing solution to a client who falls outside standard bank lending guidelines

Assist your client as they work to build and strengthen their credit, take advantage of new opportunities and/or expand

Flexibility to Fund Large and Small Amounts
Templar’s depth and technical expertise enable us to provide valuable financing solutions to both large and small businesses. Our commitment to excellent service and the flexibility with which we design our solutions gives your clients the funding they need, fast. Typically we can fund a transaction within two weeks of a first meeting.